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Understanding the Bible can be difficult if not downright confusing. Who did what? When will it happen? Who was that? What does that mean? It’s enough to make you just want to read your one Proverb a day and call it good.  Well, it doesn’t have to be a chore, and once you get the right lenses to wear, seeing Scripture clearly gets easier.  Tj covers a variety of topics in every volume from one word to a concept or tradition or parable. All through a fulfilled prophetic worldview.


Billy Graham said TJ Smith’s books are a must have for understanding the Bible….Ok, Billy didn’t say that but if he had read the books, I’m sure he would have!

Deep enough for the theologian and light-hearted enough for the student. TJ injects humor, history, culture, and a solid hermeneutic of Exegesis to satiate any appetite for knowledge.


This is volume 3 of 6 volumes. TJ also contributed seven commentaries on the Kingdom Bible, wrote Kingdom Come: Messiah’s Methodical Manifesto Hidden In the Parables, and The Last Semite.  All works available at He also hosts his own blog at victorynow2020 on Wordpress, where readers from over 60 countries have enjoyed his studies.

Understanding the Bible Volume III

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